A Friend in Need is a first season episode of the animated television series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, produced in 1983. Written by J. Brynne Stephens, directed by Ed Friedman.




Ileena, an old friend of Teela's, and her father Zicran have traveled to the palace in order to demonstrate Zicran's new invention, the Transmutator. While her father meets with the king, Teela and Ileena decide to go for a ride on horseback, although Orko warns them that the dangerous sorcerer Jarvan has escaped from the prison mines.


Jarvan plots revenge against He-Man and King Randor

In the Geyser Field, Jarvan attacks Teela and Ileena by causing the geysers to erupt and knock Teela unconscious. He-Man and Battle Cat race to aid the women, and drive the sorcerer away. Ileena complains that she is too weak to have been any help to her friend. Jarvan sees this weakness in Ileena as an opportunity to get his hands on the Transmutator.

Disguised as an old woman, he approaches Ileena in the grounds of the forest and gives her a ring with which to summon him, and a potion which makes her feel strong and powerful. When the potion runs out, Ileena is struck with withdrawal symptoms, and so needs to request more of the potion. Under the influence of its effects, Ileena takes Adam out in her father's Air-Car, despite not knowing how to drive it, and ends up nearly killing him and herself in the process.

The next time she runs out, Jarvan refuses to give Ileena any more potion until she hands him the Transmutator. She does so, and is shocked when Jarvan appears in his true form. He-Man fights Jarvan, and even against the added power of the Transmutator, he wins, although Jarvan simply teleports away. Admitting to the others what she has done, Ileena uses the ring to summon Jarvan back to the Royal Palace where he is finally captured. Although Jarvan swears revenge, he is sent back to the prison mines, never to return.


He-Man: "In today's story, Ileena tried taking a magic potion which she thought would help her. Well, she found out there aren't any magic potions. And you know what? There aren't any magic drugs either. Any time you take one from anybody but your parents or your doctor, you're taking a very big chance. You're gambling with your health, maybe even your life. Drugs don't make your problems go away, they just create more."


Heroic Warriors




When summoning Jarvan with the ring he gave her Ileena says "Em ot emoc" which is "Come to me" said backwards.

This marks Jarvan's only appearance in the whole series.

During the Palace shrinking scene, Man-at-Arms' hand is flesh-colored instead of green.

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