Acrobad is a minor character from the 1986 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Acrobad is a sinister, mischievous and hyperactive villain and accomplice to Doctor Drome's evil schemes, who appears in the She-Ra: Princess of Power episode "The Wizard." As the name suggests, Acrobad is an acrobat, kitted out in harlequin-like attire. He is superbly agile and can jump great distances to attack his enemies. To mask his ability, Acrobad stammers his way through his sentences, in an almost sing-song like manor. Doctor Drome seems to act as Acrobad's master and is certainly the brains of felonious plots. Acrobad is used simply for his athletic ability and travels with Doctor Drome in his gypsy-style wagon.


Acrobad concept

Acrobad toy concept art

  • Acrobad was an unproduced action figure designed by Mattel for the Masters of the Universe toyline that was used in the She-Ra cartoon. He was identified as the "Lizard Tongue Castle Jester" when concept art was published in Tomart's Action Figure Digest magazine. He appears to be conceived at the same time as Tung Lashor, possibly as a heroic counterpart to the Snake Man as the two would have has similar builds and action features.


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