You may be looking for Goat Man.

Andros is a minor character seen in The New Adventures of He-Man.


Andros became the leader of Skeletor's Evil Warriors, vaguely seen as a force of ram-like warriors in his service. He appeared during the first episode of the New Adventures, as the first people time-travelers Hydron and Flipshot meet. At Andros' command, his warriors seized Hydron and Flipshot and delivered them to Snake Mountain.

At Snake Mountain, Andros presented the prisoners to Skeletor, believing his master would find a use for them. However, Skeletor made an impromptu plan and convinced the prisoners he was a "good guy" and also the one they were looking for to help save their home world Primus. As Skeletor walked away with the prisoners in his friendly embrace, he glanced back at Andros with a scheming wink of his eye. Andros did not at all comprehend his master's intentions and was left visibly dumbfounded.

Andros (TNAoH)

Conception theories

There are at two likely theories behind Andros' making. In an blog posted on October 3, 2010 by James Eatock, he offered the following two explanations:

"The reason for this character's appearance is more than likely because those working on the show were unable to use existing Filmation villains, or were deterred from using characters like Beast Man who were based on old action figures. Many years ago I compared Andros to the one-shot villain Goat Man."

James Eatock on the reason for Andros' creation in The New Adventures of He-Man

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