Angast is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Angast is a descendant of the original members of the Council of Evil and the self-described King of the Realm of Evil. Lady Arvela summoned him and petitioned him to release her father Landros from his imprisonment there, but Angast would not agree unless she let him see the Starchild. He promised that he would not harm the child, and that he would release Landros after seeing her. However, he did not keep his promise and instead teleported Arvela and the Starchild to the Realm of Evil along with He-Man, Battle Cat, Orko, and Bowena, who had come to save the Starchild. They tried to flee with Landros, but Angast cornered them at the Temple of Between on a flying mount. He-Man grabbed the mount by the talons and caught it as it swooped down on him, sending Angast flying into a spiderweb. He then collapsed the temple as he and his friends fled through a gate to Eternia, preventing Angast and his soldiers from following them.


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