Horde Flyer

The Annihilator, sometimes referred to as a 'Horde Flyer' is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power and The Secret of the Sword.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Annihilator was one of the Evil Horde's most used flying vehicles. Like many of the Horde's vehicles, it featured facial features on the front similar to Hordak himself. Hordak would often pilot one himself, most often accompanied by either Shadow Weaver or Mantenna.

Next to the two-manned craft, there was also a larger version of the Horde Flyer that could travel between different planets. This version was usually piloted by two Horde Troopers at a time.

Confusingly, members of the Great Rebellion tend to refer to all of the Horde's air borne vehicles as Horde Flyers. This includes the Annihilator, the Batmek, the Glonder and the one-person Horde Sky Cycle and Horde Jet Machine.


  • According to the original shooting script by Larry DiTillio for the episode Beast Island, The Annihilator is Hordak's personal Flyer.


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