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Aran and Una (his sister) sought to gain power and glory by serving Skeletor. For their First Mission Skeletor tent them to retrieve the Masks of power. Upon gaining the Masks Aran and Una were possessed by the Spirits of by the spirits of the ancient King and Queen. When He-Man freed The Sword of the Ancients it merged with He-Man's Sword of Power and freed Aran and Una. They then chose to renounce serving evil, and returned to The Bright Side of Eternia with He-Man and Man-At-Arms. Aran and Una's only appearance was in the Filmation Episode Masks of Power. It is unknown if Aran and Una then used their powers for good or if they chose to live the lives of civilians.


Aran has (according to Skeletor) very strong magic. He has used this magic to teleport himself and Una. Aran alto has near superhuman strength (as he was able to lift and throw a large stone that Una has slightly levitated.


Aran wields a wand, he was able to use it to keep himself and Una from falling into Skeletor's trap (by wedging it between the rock formations sticking out from the walls of Skeletor's trap.


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