The Attak Trak is a vehicle that features in the 1980s toyline Masters of the Universe and the animated television series based on the toyline, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, produced by Filmation.
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The Attak Trak is a tank-like vehicle which is capable of conveying four people. Due to its tracks it is able to pass over all kinds of terrain, whether it be flat or hilly, and also has the ability to ford streams. The Attak Trak appears to have been built with an artificial intelligence onboard its computers. It will obey He-Man's command and will not allow any villains to ride aboard.

Small Trak

A variation of the Attak Trak appears in "Evilseed," and is referred to as the "Small Trak." This vehicle's design is more in line with the Attak Trak toy, with only one seat and no canopy, than the large transport vehicle capable of carrying whole squads. Nevertheless, the Small Trak is also colored blue like the Filmation Attak Trak, rather than the toy's original red.