Azrog is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Azrog is an evil blue-skinned humanoid from Trolla. He is a well-known wizard and criminal on his homeworld. He appeared to have a strong magical power of mind control. He has a small, winged pet and/or familiar named Karg, who can grow in size and become his flying steed. He uses a magic wand to amplify his magic powers. He has ties to an Eternian witch named Spydra.

Captured and imprisoned by the Trollan wizard Montork, Azrog used his evil magic to escape his prison with Karg and travel to Eternia, where he joined with his partner in evil, the sorceress Spydra. A breach in the dimensional gates sent Azrog to the palace of Eternia and Montork to Spydra's castle. Bringing chaos to the palace, Azrog retreated to Spydra's castle with He-Man, Teela, and Orko on his tail. Azrog captured Orko and converted him to evil, leaving Montork to break the spell. Failing to stop He-Man, Azrog and Spydra were recaptured and taken back to Trolla.



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