The Baker is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Baker sold fresh rolls, muffins and breads that, according to him, were "Hot as the sun and light as a feather". He was assisted by his young son Marcus, who yearned for the life of a hero such as the legendary King Jarod.

When Marcus went missing at the Thaymor Harvest Festival, it soon became clear that the boy had set off on a quest to find the legendary Crown of Knowledge at Darkedge. Kowl, who had also gone missing, was an expert on the legend of the crown and was being forced by Marcus to show him the way. She-Ra and Bow immediately went after them, and Marcus' father joined them.

Despite almost falling victim to Shadow Weaver's Sleeping Shadow spell and various booby traps inside Castle Jarod, one of which involved the baker, who was unable to swim falling into water, he still managed to continue on and help save Marcus and Kowl.

By the time Marcus found the Crown itself, he was being manipulated by Hordak from afar, by way of the Cape of Night and the Gem of Sight. Marcus finally managed to learn his lesson, that seeking power without working for it was selfish, and vowed to become the best baker in Etheria, next to his father.


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