Between a Rock and a Hard Place! is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Hurricane Hordak. The story was written by Tina Harris and the artwork was drawn by Jim Mitchell.


Heroic Warriors
King Randor, Prince Adam/He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Stonedar, Rokkon, Orko
Evil Warriors
Evil-Lyn, Skeletor
Evil Horde
Horde Trooper, Hordak, Mantisaur


Each year at King Randor's bidding, all Eternia gathers to celebrate the bounty and richness of their fair land. Teela is worried that there could be trouble, but Prince Adam reassures her that Stonedar and Rokkon are guarding Castle Grayskull.

At Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn plots to take advantage of the unprotected Castle Grayskull, but since Skeletor has failed so many times, she decides to seek Hordak instead. Evil-Lyn opens a portal to Etheria, where a Horde Trooper takes her to Fright Zone. There, she proposes Hordak to attack Grayskull together, with her as his queen. Hordak laughs at Evil-Lyn's offer and tells the Trooper to throw her in the Slime Pit, but she opens a portal to escape at the last second. Hordak decides to attack Grayskull by his own.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace, Orko is doing entertaining tricks until he sees an image of Hordak and Mantisaur entering Eternia. He whispers it to Adam's ear, so he leaves and becomes He-Man.

At Grayskull, Hordak creates a magic cage to trap the Rock People, but He-Man appears suddenly in the Wind Raider. Mantisaur calls an insect army that distract He-Man so Hordak can reach him with his propeller and crash the Wind Raider. He-Man is seemingly at Mantisaur's mercy, but manages to knock him out with a thunder punch. Hordak then faces He-Man and, when He-Man cuts his propeller, Hordak uses his tunderball mace to knock the Power Sword off He-Man's hand. However, the sword's power destroys Hordak's mace. Hordak is about to use his last weapon, his shield, when suddenly Evil-Lyn appears and frees Stonedar and Rokkon as payback for Hordak's treachery. The Rock People catch Hordak before he can defeat He-Man, who then fractures Hordak's shield. Hordak is between a rock and a hard place, and He-Man tells the Rock People to send him to the portal to Etheria.

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