Bowena is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Bowena is one of the Tree People and the bodyguard of the Starchild. She accompanied her young charge on her visit to the Royal Palace, where she used a grappling hook arrow to make a stylish entrance. When Lady Arvela took the sleeping child from her bed, Bowena left to save her with He-Man and Battle Cat. Orko tagged along disguised as one of her arrows, and both of them were surprised when she fired him at one of Landros' guards. She and her allies were teleported to the Realm of Evil by Angast, but Bowena used a flash arrow to help them escape from his soldiers. When Angast cornered them at the Temple of Between, Bowena tried to shoot him with a sleep arrow, but he knocked it back at her with his staff and put her to sleep instead. She woke up just in time to escape through the gateway that Starchild opened before He-Man collapsed the temple.


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