Bright Hope

Bright Hope is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Bright Hope was originally a run down old sailing ship docked at the seaport town of Graydor on the planet Krytis. When She-Ra learned from the ship's original owner that no sailer in town would be willing to risk a voyage to the Mines of Mondor, she bought the vessel for one hundred gold pieces.

Although the ship was pretty beat up, the Rebels worked together to get it shipshape and set sail for Mondor. She-Ra renamed the ship 'Bright Hope' in honor of their journey, alghouth kowl thought 'No Hope' was more appropriate.

The ship went down during a thunder storm conjured up by Shadow Weaver, but the Rebel party still managed to reach Mondor on a raft made from what was left of the ship formerly known as Bright Hope.


Although she does not say it out loud, the Bright Hope was most likely named in part after She-Ra's secret friend Light Hope.

Ships owner

Original owner of the ship


  • When the Rebels arrive at Graydor on the planet Krytis, the beaten up ship that She-Ra will purchase can already be seen in the seaport in the distance. During their voyage, the ship sinks, and they return to the seaport on the backs of giant birds. But when they do, the same ship can once again be seen in the seaport in the background.


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