This article is about one of Eternia's moons. For the Etherian castle, see Castle Brightmoon.

Bright Moon is one of the two moons of the planet Eternia. The moon is always in the light side of the planet, and enjoys unfettered access to sunlight. Accordingly the lunar colony on Bright Moon is prosperous, with advanced technology and agriculture.

The Bright Moon had a treaty with Eternia's other moon, the Dark Moon Phantos, to establish a solar mirror to reflect sunlight onto the Phantos in return for shipments of Photanium. However, in the episode The Shadow of Skeletor, the two moons almost went to war after Queen Elmora abdicated the Phantos throne in favor of her brother King Barbo.

In the episode Eternal Darkness, Darkdream and his allies used magic to move the Bright Moon to eclipse the local sun, which in theory would have placed all of Eternia under permanent darkness, although this in practice almost caused the moon to collide with the planet.

It is possible that the Bright Moon was the Eternian moon temporarily moved by He-Man in the episode Jacob and the Widgets to affect the planet's tide.

The Bright Moon used to have another name, which was also the name of an Eternian deity that was worshipped in the Preternia era before the rise of the Goddess cult.

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