Catillus is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Catillus the magician lived alone in a secluded hovel somewhere on Etheria. In his house, Catillus kept the magical Moon Mirror, a powerful object that had the ability to you can reach other universes, but only if both of Etheria's moons were alligned. When used at any other time, it could go out of control and destroy Etheria.

One night, Catillus received an unexpected visit from Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor and a couple of Horde Troopers who, took the Moon Mirror from him despite his objections. The next day, the old magician travelled to the Whispering Woods in search of Rebels who might be willing to aid him. After explaining his story to Glimmer and Bow, the latter decided to join Catillus in retrieving the mirror from the Fright Zone. The fact that Adora was already on her way there to rescue her brother Prince Adam, was an extra insentive for Bow to go there.

Once they arrived at the Fright Zone, Bow and Catillus found that Adora and Adam had already been rescued by She-Ra and He-Man. But now Hordak was forcing Shadow Weaver to use the Moon Mirror again, even though the moons of Etheria were no longer aligned. The Mirror had grown to an enormous size and was sucking everything not bolted to the ground into it. He-Man and She-Ra had to work together to plug the mirror with a nearly complete statue of Hordak, after which the mirror imploded.


Catillus had many magical gifts, including the ability to light his index finger as if it was a candle, and to walk up the side of a wall by sticking to it with his feet.


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Catillus lights a finger
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