Celice is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Celice is a beautiful singer from the city of Tahryn. She was valued in her hometown for her ability to prevent Yog, a massive tentacled beast, from awakening from its slumber. Yog, in turn, was so fond of Celice's voice that it would follow her and become aggressive if it could not hear her song.

Skeletor decided to use Celice's talents to his advantage, and had Evil-Lyn hypnotize her so that she could sing the Sorceress to sleep and open the Jawbridge of Castle Grayskull. Celice, however, broke free of Evil-Lyn's hypnotic spell and tried to sing Yog back to sleep when it started attacking the castle. Celice lamented that she was no longer needed after He-Man sent Yog plummeting into a pit, but Teela assured her that her courage and strength would always be needed to fight evil. Celice, glad to have people she could call friends, promised to help them in any way she could.



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