Ceril is the leader of a jungle tribe. He appears in the classic DC Comics miniseries.

In issue #2, He-Man finds Ceril and explains Battle Cat that he met Ceril when he, as Prince Adam, found Ceril and his people enslaved by the sorcerer Damon. When Adam tried to help the people, Zoar, the Goddess' messenger, approached him and he became He-Man to defeat Damon, and since that day, a thankful Ceril and his people became loyal to King Randor. Ceril guides He-Man to where he saw one of the amulets the Heroic Warriors are seeking, but they must face some demons before reaching it inside a cave.


  • Ceril and his people were created as a way to recoincile the "He-Man from a jungle tribe" with the "Adam becoming He-Man" versions. Therefore, when He-Man leaves the tribe at the beginning of He-Man and the Power Sword, it's retconned as him finishing his visit rather than leaving his own tribe.

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