Corporal Romeo is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Romeo was a loyal Corporal in the Horde army. He was captured by Bright Moon Guards after being wounded in his left arm, and nursed back to health at Castle Bright Moon by Princess Glimmer. The two of them immediately took a liking to each other, but Romeo still felt oblidged to escape and report back to Hordak at the Fright Zone. He had valuable information since he had learned that the recent attack by Entrapta's Trapper Tank had left Bright Moon in a vulnerable position.

Glimmer followed Romeo and tried to stop him before he reached the Fright Zone, but a patrol of Horde Troopers appeared behind her and turned the tables. Now Romeo had a Rebel prisoner as well as information to present to Hordak. But when he protested against Hordak's decision to lock Glimmer up in the deep dungeons, Hordak locked Romeo up in the same dungeons as well.

This made Romeo realize he had made an error in judgement, and after being rescued by She-Ra, the corporal decided to defect and join the Great Rebellion, which especially pleased Glimmer.


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