Cory is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Cory is the school child in the town of North Land on the planet Etheria who was a slow reader and liked to believed the lies the Evil Horde told about their rule of planet.

Whenever his teacher, Serena would teach her class about the history of Etheria and the way the Horde came and conquered it, Cory would object and tell the entire class that it was all lies. Two prominent members of the Rebellion came to speak at the North Land School, but their talk was cut short by the arrival of Hordesmen Leech and Mantenna. Cory was the one who pointed the Hordesmen towards the fleeing Rebels.

Later, Cory was very impressed when Hordak himself visited the town to get rid of all the history books and other reading material that painted the Horde in an unflattering light. Serena was replaced by a new teacher, Tung. Cory was asked by Tung to become a Horde spy, and the boy readily accepted.

He found out Serena had saved several books from being destroyed and was inviting some of the children she was no longer allowed to teach to come to her house to read them. Cory betrayed Serena and had her arrested, but She-Ra soon managed to break the school teacher out.

The Evil Horde's next move was round up all the children and take them to the Fright Zone for history lessons. When Cory found out his little sister Erri-Anne was being put on a Horde Transports he asked Tung for her release, asuming that he would have some clout as a member of the Horde himself. But Tung laughed in the boy's face and told him he had been useful for a time, but his help was no longer needed. Tung ordered a Horde Trooper to put Cory on a Transport as well, but the boy made a run for it.

Reunited with Serena, Cory finally saw the error of his ways and decided to help Rebel Leader Adora escape from prison by retrieving her sword and helping to cut her handcuffs. Adora told her he had been very brave, but the way to be most helpfull was to go home and help his family.

After She-Ra and the other rebels stopped North Land from burning down and saved the children from being taken to the Fright Zone, Serena called Cory 'quite the hero'. Cory felt sorry for the things he had done to help the Horde, saying that he didn't realize the truth about them because he wasn't very fond of reading. His classmates Bryan and Sera then offered to help him with his reading skills and be his friend.


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