Crimson Scourge

The Crimson Scourge (or Red Scourge) is a creature from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Crimson Scourge is a fire-breathing, panther-like monster with a body made entirely of flame. It once rampaged across Eternia burning everything in its path, but was captured and imprisoned in the Darklands. The Keeper of the Flame is responsible for watching over the Crimson Scourge's prison.

When Kor, the last Keeper of the Flame, thought that He-Man had kidnapped his daughter Mira, he teleported him into the Crimson Scourge's prison in hopes of convincing Man-At-Arms to tell him where she was. By the time Kor realized that he had been tricked, He-Man had broken out of the prison and the Crimson Scourge had followed him. Thankfully, He-Man was able to defeat the Crimson Scourge by digging into an underground river and spraying the monster with water, extinguishing its burning body.


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