Daimar is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Daimar was a demon who Orko read about in a spell book. He looked young and carefree, so Orko summoned him as a playmate. The two fled into the wilderness when Man-At-Arms became suspicious and came looking for them, stopping to rest far away from the Royal Palace when Daimar said he was sleepy. He spun a cocoon, which Orko slept by while a dimensional breach - which had opened when he first summoned Daimar and caused strange things to happen all over Eternia - passed over them.

When Orko woke up, the cocoon was empty and Daimar was nowhere to be seen. Orko and his friends tracked both the adult Daimar and the dimensional breach to Castle Grayskull. Daimar planned to use his power to fully open the breach and summon an army of demons to invade Eternia, claiming that it was his destiny to do so. While Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, who had also tracked Daimar down, tried to dominate him with a combination of manipulation and force, He-Man and Orko tried to appeal to his better nature, asking the demon if he would rather be surrounded by friends or people who wanted to use him for their own selfish and sinister purposes. In the end, Daimar decided to listen to the people who told him that he could choose his own destiny, and refused to cooperate with Skeletor. He told He-Man that he would like to be friends with him and assured Orko that he would not forget his friendship before returning to the Dark Dimension, closing the breach and preventing the demon invasion.




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