Darius the Innkeeper is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Darius and his wife ran the local the village of Devlan on the planet Etheria.

The small town was being oppressed by members of the Evil Horde, specifically Dylamug and his biker squad of Horde Troopers. But the the villagers were too scared to do anything about it. Darius, being the Innkeeper, would try to stand up to the Hordesmen if they bothered his customers, but would usually end up on the receiving end of the Horde's scorn himself.

Only Krystala, the young daughter of Darius the Innkeeper felt compelled to do something about it and travelled on her own and against her parents wished to the Whispering Woods to ask help from the Great Rebellion. Worried, Darius confronted Dylamug once more, and was hit with a freeze ray for his efforts. This is how he was found by Krystala and She-Ra, who freed Darius with a well place kick to his icy imprisonment.

She-Ra had purposely come to Devlan on her own, to teach the villagers how to stand up for themselves. At first the villagers objected, but they saw how She-Ra stood up to the Hordesmen on her own, courage grew in their hearts. Especially since Darius encouraged them and was willing to step out into the streets to help She-Ra even if nobody else did. Grabbing whatever they could find, from sacks of flour to custard pies, the villagers decided to come out together and help She-Ra. For when good people stand together, they can work miracles.


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