Darkspur's Guard is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Darkspur's Guard worked for King Darkspur at Darkspur Castle in the Hinderlands.

When King Darkspur's guards were ordered to kidnap Princess Glimmer, the main guard was visibly shaking at having to face the powerful princess of Bright Moon's light powers.

Together with several of his men, the Guard officer managed to complete his task, but not without losing one of the Darkspur crests he had on his armor. Also, a young circus juggler named Drew witnessed the kidnapping and was also abducted.

Later, Drew's father Caleb attempted to rescue his son but was instead thrown into the same jailcel by several of the Darkspur Guards, who ordered the two circus performers to show them their juggling act.

While mockinly enjoying the act, the guards were startled when She-Ra burst through the floor and defeated them. Together with her brother He-Man, she managed to free not only Caleb and Drew, but Glimmer as well.


  • The look of Darkspur's Guard is a reuse of the character model for the Magic Knights from Enchanted Castle.
  • Other guards that serve under the commanding officer have slightly simpler armor design, yet all of them are voiced by Erik Gunden.


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