Dimensional Gate is a location in the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Dimensional Gate is a powerful and dangerous way of traveling between different planets of dimensions. Located near Castle Bright Moon, Queen Angella was able to work the gate with the help of her magical powers, but the gate still operated under it's own set of rules, making any trip a game of chance.

When rebel sympathizer Prince Hazar was captured by the Evil Horde and sent to work in the mines of Mondor on the planet Krytis, his father King Duplis asked Angella for help. A group of Rebels mounted a rescue mission as Angella told them to gather at a specific time when the Dimensional Gate would open a gateway to Krytis. She warned the group, led by She-Ra, that the gateway would only be open for three days and that if they did not return in time, the Rebels would be stuck in Krytis forever.

The gate did lead the Rebels to Krytis, but opened up near the seaport town of Graydor. This meant that the Rebels still had a long and dangerous sea voyage to make before reaching Mondor, and then had to hurry back again after completing their mission before the gateway closed. Luckilly they received some unexpected help from Krytis Birds, otherwize they would never have made it back in time.


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