Doom Balloon

The Doom Balloon is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Doom Balloon was constructed on top of the Fright Zone on the planet Etheria. It was a weapon made by Hordak specifically to destroy the Great Rebellion.

When Shadow Weaver informed Hordak that a powerful lightning storm was brewing, the time had come to put the Doom Balloon to the test. Hordak planned to destroy the entire Whispering Woods in one night. Hordak was so pleased with himself that as he threw the lever to lift off, he was heard to sing "Up, up and away, in my wicked Doom Balloon".

The Doom Balloon entered the storm, attracted the lightning to itself, and focused it all in its energy beam, which Hordak was then able to shoot at a target of his choice.

When Glimmer attacked the Doom Balloon by shooting a stun beam at it, Hordak merely absorbed the beam with the Balloon and shot it right back at her, knocking her out.

Bow fired a smoke arrow into the cockpit, momentarily blinding Hordak and his co-pilots Grizzlor and Shadow Weaver. Next, She-Ra appeared standing on mountain top. When the Doom Balloon fired at her, the Princess of Power managed to deflect the ray with her The Sword of Protection. The Balloon's circuits began to overload, causing it to self-destruct.

Cockpit module

Cockpit module

As the Balloon crumbled and fell apart, Hordak and his Horde Henchmen managed to escape by flying away in the cockpit attached to the underside of the Balloon, which had now been set free and became a separate vehicle.

Although Hordak could no longer fire the energy beam, he was able to use a tractor beam from the cockpit module to pick up Bow and take him prisoner.

Hordak later fondly recalled the Doom Balloon as "the most beautiful ship of evil" he ever had.


When the Doom Balloon attack is shown on Professor Tempest's Time Transformer in the episode of the same name, it is attacking Valley View Castle instead of Whispering Woods. This time Tempest manages to change history by adding a second energy beam to the Doom Balloon, making it able to defeat She-Ra and causing Valleyview Castle to fall to the Horde.


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