This article is about the animated episode. For the minicomic loosely based upon the same story, see Double-Edged Sword.

Double Edged Sword is the 42nd episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Robby London and directed by Gwen Wetzler. The episode appears in the Season One, Volume Two DVD set as the second on Disk 2.


A young boy, Chas, who is under the care of his disabled grandfather, dreams of joining the Royal Guard and enjoying the glory of battle, until an attack by the Evil Warriors teaches him the true cost of war. There is a mad rush by both the good and bad guys to collect the energy source eternium in the Sands of Time. Both sides invade a neutral desert country for a rare mineral power supply. The young boy is attacked by a Spidasaur, a sea monster summoned by Mer-Man (despite being at the desert, there was a small lake, but seemingly deep enough for the Spidasaur), and He-Man comes to the rescue. Trap Jaw then decides to eat some eternium to become as powerful as He-Man and convinces Mer-Man to help him get the eternium in exchange to turn two thirds of Eternia into an ocean. Trapjaw gets some eternium, eats it and rumbles with He-Man, but his newfound powers wear off and he goes gagging for more. Chad's slug/silkworm pet ingests some eternium, but it's poisonous for anyone who isn't like Trap Jaw, so He-Man has to go to see the Sorceress to help the pet to get all better. In the meantime, Chas' grandfather tells him that he formerly was a soldier, but once he used his gun to scare some attacking orcs and his reckless shots made a mountain crumble on him, and that's what caused his legs' paralysis.


He-Man: "Sometimes movies and television adventure series like this one make it seem as though shooting a gun, fighting, and taking chances are fun and exciting things to do. And what's more, the good guys never get hurt. But in real life, people do get hurt, even killed, when they fight or use guns. Make believe can be fun, and there's nothing wrong with imagining great adventures. But never forget, that when it's the real thing, someone can get hurt. Even the good guys. Even you."

Heroic Warriors


Evil Warriors



  • The Evil Warrior's vehicle, the 'Doom-buster' was previously mentioned in Disappearing Act and is referenced again here, but will not be seen until The Shadow of Skeletor.
  • A completely different power source for the Royal Palace was featured in The Starchild.
  • Most of the footage of He-Man arriving at Castle Grayskull and commanding the Jaw-bridge to lower is reused from Diamond Ray of Disappearance.
  • Various plot points about a youngster direspecting the peaceful ways of his elders were recycled in the BraveStarr episode To Walk a Mile, while plot elements and dialogue were recycled in another BraveStarr episode, An Older Hand.

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