The Drachadon is a creature from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Drachadon was a huge, dinosaur-like creature that inhabited Preternia. It had thick blue scales that were almost impossible to penetrate.

Skeletor once used a magic potion to revive a Drachadon that had died in the Tar Swamp, which Beast Man then tamed with his powers. They used it to attack the Royal Palace, but Orko found his long-lost magic medallion stuck to a patch of tar on the creature's back and reclaimed it. Lady Edwina wanted to run away with him now that he had the medallion, but Orko was tired of being used and disrespected and wished that "none of this had ever happened." His wish returned the medallion to the Drachadon's back, the Drachadon to the Tar Swamp, and Skeletor and the Evil Warriors to Snake Mountain.


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