Draka is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Draka is the most powerful wizard in Targa and serves Queen Balina as her adviser. He was initially distrustful of the amnesiac He-Man, insisting that he was a spy from Operon and threatening him when he denied it. He used magic to increase Garn's strength during his battle with He-Man in the arena, which resulted in He-Man getting knocked to the ground and regaining his memory. The queen decided to release the two fighters, but they returned to Targa with Battle Cat to free King Thales and his daughter Princess Rhea, who was being held for ransom. Draka caused a magical earthquake to distract everyone so he and the queen could flee, but he forgot about the lake on the mountain. The flood that he caused threatened to swallow the city of Targa, but He-Man and Garn worked together to divert the floodwaters.

What happened to Draka after Queen Balina was deposed is unknown, but he most likely was imprisoned, went into exile, or fled the city with her.


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