Escape from the Slime Pit! is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with the Slime Pit playset. The story was written by Eric Frydler and the art was drawn by Jim Mitchell.


Heroic Warriors
He-Man, Stonedar, Rokkon
Evil Warriors
Evil Horde
Hordak, Modulok, Grizzlor, Mantenna


In Etheria, the Horde has just created the Slime Pit, which will turn living beings into Hordak's slaves. Modulok suggests to get test subjects from the village of the Rock People.

Meanwhile, He-Man is visiting the Rock People in their village, when the Horde capture some of them, including Rokkon. He-Man follows them to the Slime Pit, and offers Hordak to exchange himself for the Rock People. He-Man is tied, but Hordak doesn't play fair and keeps the Rock People as prisoners while pouring the slime on He-Man, who turns into a slime monster.

Hordak orders the slime monster to destroy Skeletor. The monster returns to Eternia, where reaches Snake Mountain and attacks Skeletor, whose Terror Claws and spells are useless against the monster. However, He-Man resists Hordak's control enough to Stonedar use the Sun Rock (a rock monument on his village) to change him back. He-Man returns to Etheria, just in time to save Rokkon from being slimed by blocking the slime with his spinning shield. The Rock People is freed, and they turn into rocks to hurl themselves at the Evil Horde and then use their dazzling armor to make them run away of their bright.

After the battle is over, Rokkon asks He-Man what kept him from destroying Skeletor, to which He-Man answers that even though Skeletor is his enemy, he could not allow him to perish.


  • The story tries to link the minicomics with the She-Ra TV series, stating that the Rock People has settled in Etheria and keep peaceful ways.

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