The Falcon is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The man known as the Falcon was a legend amongst seafaring beings on the planet Etheria.

Often called the finest captain in the world, he used various magic weapons, but his greatest strength was in his heart. When the Evil Horde came to Etheria, Falcon would capture the Horde Tax Galleons and give the money back to the poor. Among his most loyal shipmates was Swen, who would later serve under the Falcon's son.

But around two decades before Adora joined the Great Rebellion, both the Falcon and his ship, the Clipper, completely disappeared, leaving his young son, Sea Hawk without a father.

Falcon secretly retired to an Enchanted Grotto where the air was able to keep him alive even when he became sick. But he was unable to leave the island on which the Grotto was located.

In the grotto, Falcon befriended a small talking mouse called Davy Jones, who helped him to test his adult son Sea Hawk when he finally found the grotto.

Falcon defeated his son by using his magical weapons, but Sea Hawk passed the final test by choosing his friends over an offer of gold treasure. After that, Falcon revealed his true identity and gave all of his weapons and even his old ship to his son.

Falcon remained in his grotto after Sea Hawk and his men converted the old Clipper into a flying ship, the Solar Clipper, but promised that he would always be there should his son return.


  • Seven League Boots: While wearing these, the Falcon can jump great distances.
  • Photon Cutlass: This sword has a blade made of light particles. The blade has at least three power settings; it can cut through any substance when it glows red and stun a target when it glows blue.
  • Impact Ring: Worn on the Falcon's left hand, it is able to increase the power of his blows a hundredfold.


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