Fang Man is a villain that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series by Filmation.


The blue-skinned reptilian being known as Fang Man served as a member of Skeletor's Evil Warriors and was involved in a meeting at Snake Mountain when his master devised a new plan to conquer Eternia. This involved a complicated use of the Wheel of Infinity and traveling to Eternia's distant past to a point before Castle Grayskull was created with the intention of building a fortress there in order to place the Wheel of Infinity. Thus, it was expected that the Wheel would spin faster and faster until it exploded, thus destroying Castle Grayskull in the future. Whilst Skeletor supervised the building of the fortress, Fang Man gathered a number of Dragosaurs which he took under his control and used them to pacify the area that was populated by the Snake Clan as well as the Ape Clan.

When He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Orko and Battle Cat went into the past to follow them, they traveled to Dragosaur Isle in order to rescue Zilora of the Snake Clan. During the fight, Fang Man rode a Dragosaur and commanded others to attack He-Man. His two Dragosaurs were knocked out by Man-At-Arms leading to Fang Man riding his Dragosaur to attack. However, He-Man threw a tree at the Dragosaur and knocked Fang Man out of the sky. He fell unconscious amongst his pets, thus allowing the heroes to rescue Zilora.


  • Fang Man's fate following the attack is unknown and it's possible he was left in Eternia's distant past by Skeletor. This is confirmed by his Classics bio where it also states that he is still on Dragosaur Isle awaiting Skeletor's return.
  • Furthermore, Fang Man's race is not known, though his reptilian nature might mean he is a member of the Snake Men. This speculation was finally dismissed when he was revealed as part of a species evolved from the Dragosaurs by his Classics bio.


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