Fire People

Fire People are a race of creatures native to Eternia. They have transparent, featureless red bodies with yellow eyes. Most Fire People are humanoid in appearance, but some take the shape of beasts, such as firedrakes and great cats. In spite of their insubstantial appearance, the fire that makes up their bodies infuses their touch with heat energy, making them deadly opponents in close combat.

Fire People dwell in the Region of Flame and are highly suspicious of strangers. When Skeletor and Evil-Lyn stole the Spellstone from their temple and used it to cause storms all around Eternia, He-Man, Battle Cat, Ram Man, and Stratos went to investigate. They encountered King Helios and his followers, who accused them of stealing the Spellstone and attacked them. They did not retaliate, and when Helios got caught in the tentacles of a Spidasaur, He-Man saved him by throwing a boulder into the monster's mouth. Helios, finally convinced of the strangers' goodwill, told them to go in peace and wished for them to find the Spellstone.


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