Flowers for Hordak is the 63rd episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.


Hordak and Shadow Weaver's latest plot involves Shadow Weaver using the Black Ruby, a powerful jewel, to cast a long shadow over the Whispering Woods, causing all the magical trees and plants to wither and die, leaving the Rebellion without any cover in the event of a Horde attack. However, there is one small flaw with their plan: the rebel Perfuma, who has the abillity to make flowers grow in even the darkest of places. Hordak captures Perfuma, and offers to free her if She-Ra surrenders. However, capturing Perfuma may not have been such a wise idea as she quickly becomes a massive headache for Hordak, who is infuriated to find her cell full of flowers, and his troopers dancing with Perfuma. When She-Ra eventually comes to rescue Perfuma, Hordak literally begs the Princess of Power to take her away, promising to give her anything she wants. She-Ra takes Perfuma back to the Whispering Woods where she crushes the Black Ruby, which Hordak relinquished as part of the deal which also included three months of supplies. Pleased to have the Fright Zone back to normal, Hordak tries to drop Mantenna down the trapdoor, only to discover the trapdoor is full of Perfuma's flowers.


Loo-Kee: "Hi! It's me again, Loo-Kee. Did you find me today? Well here's another chance. Look closer. Here I am! Perfuma certainly loves flowers. Trees and flowers make our worlds more pleasant places to live. Take time to enjoy these special gifts of life. See you next time."


Hordak: "She-Ra, I'll give you supplies, money, anything. Just get Perfuma out of here!"

She-Ra winks at the camera.

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