The Forsaken Realm is a dimension that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


This otherworldly dimension was noted to possessing dark horrors that came from the time before time. Such creatures were multi-eyed and tentacled beasts that yearned to enter into the mortal world but could only do so if a sacrifice was made at the appropriate portal to this realm. One such location into the Forsaken Realm was the Pool of Shadows on Eternia where Skeletor attempted to send Evil-Lyn after her betrayal of him to the Snakemen. One of the inhabitants of the Forsaken Realm emerged in order to accept the sacrifice but was forced to fight He-Man in order to claim its prize. During the fight, the creature was badly wounded and a deflected blast from Skeletor's Havoc Staff caused the portal to the Forsaken Realm to destabilize whereupon it collapsed thus preventing the creature from entering into Eternia.

Its not known if there are any further gateways into the Forsaken Realm.


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