From Eternia—With Death! is the first Masters of the Universe story published by DC Comics. It is the lead feature in DC Comics Presents #47 (July 1982). Superman, the regular lead character in the DC Comics Presents series, is thrust into the world of Eternia in a crossover with the Masters of the Universe characters.


At the Royal Palace, Man-At-Arms is training Prince Adam, who causes him grief by messing the training. Teela observes this and highlights Adam's lack of responsibility.

Later, at the Dragon's Breath Inn, Adam is partying and drinking beer with some fellows while his pet Cringer only wants to return to the calm of the palace. A man who names himself "the Crusher" insults Cringer, getting into a fight with Adam that is interrupted by Teela and a troop of Royal Guards. Then, Adam sees the falcon and knows he's being called, so he leaves Teela to go to the Cavern of Power. There, Adam and Cringer take their forms of He-Man and Battle Cat and are greeted by the Goddess, who tells them that Skeletor is trying to get inside Castle Grayskull.

Outside Grayskull, Skeletor talks about the need of having both halves of the Power Sword to open the castle. Beast Man notices Skeletor only has one half, but he tries to use it to open Grayskull anyways. The magic energies released by this action cause a portal cloud to appear on Earth, bringing Superman to Eternia. Superman believes "the skull-faced clown with the overgrown pocket-knife" cannot harm him, but since the Power Sword is magical, and magic is one of Superman's weaknesses, the sword cuts Superman. Beast Man then attacks Superman, but the brute is defeated and Skeletor blasts Superman away.

He-Man finds Superman and recognises him from what he has been told by his earthen mother, so they decide to face Skeletor together, and then Man-At-Arms reaches them in the Wind Raider. Everybody faces Skeletor, but he mind-controls Superman, who faces He-Man until defeating him. Then Skeletor tries to make Superman to open Castle Grayskull, but Superman concentrates enough to use his heat vision to melt the ground beneath Skeletor's feet, and then harden it with his super-breath to trap Skeletor. Skeletor tries to cast a new spell to control Superman, but Superman catches him, so Skeletor decides to escape instead, and vanishes. Superman still doesn't totally understand what just went on, but he doesn't have time for an explanation from the recovered He-Man, because his super-vision spots a time-space warp opening up over Eternia, that he must reach to return Earth. He-Man bids farewell to his new ally.


  • This is the first appearance of the Prince Adam identity. In this early stages, he seems to have some degree of strength as Adam, even though not as much as his He-Man identity.
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