GaleBreath is a location from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

GaleBreath was the name of a village on Etheria inhabited by villagers and peasants. Although some of the villagers felt inclined to rebel against the Evil Horde, they were afraid that their number was too small and their technology to weak to make a difference against their oppressors.

One villager in particular, Vasser, wanted to make a difference and tried to convince his friends Barris and Tharren to join the Great Rebellion with him. Vasser invited the leader of the Great Rebellion, Princess Adora to come and speak to them at the GaleBreath inn.

Unfortunately, Imp had been spying on them and during the meeting Shadow Weaver appeared and stole the voices of the three men and Adora. This act only made the men more adamant to join the Great Rebellion. All three offered to join Adora and Bow to get their stolen voices back from the Fright Zone, but the two Rebels told the three men it was better for them to remain behind in GaleBreath with the Twiggets Sprag and Sprint.

Once the voices were recovered by Adora and Bow, with some assistance by She-Ra, the three villagers wholeheartedly joined the Great Rebellion.

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