General Sunder is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

General Sunder was one of the most respected men in the Horde army and a strong fighter. He displayed a sence of right and honor lacking in most other members of the Evil Horde and once stood up against Hordak on Force Captain Adora's behalf.

When Hordak decided to double the taxes he took from Etherian farmers, Sunder found oppostition from Logan and his family and had the man, his wife and their daughter Mally arrested and put into a Prison Truck. However, Sunder neglected to lock the truck that Mally was in, a mistake he would not have made by accident, and she escaped. For Sunder realized that Hordak's taxes were unreasonable and was not afraid to tell the Horde Leader so in his throneroom at the Fright Zone.

When the Great Rebellion mounted a rescue mission to free Logan and his wife, Sunder realized that She-Ra and Glimmer were merely causing a distraction and captured Bow, who threw himself on Sunder's stun pistol so that Mally could help her parents escape. Sunder offered to let Bow free if She-Ra would take her place, and, as always, kept his word to free Bow, to the surprise of his Horde Troopers and later Hordak.

Beginning to have a change of heart, Sunder spotted another rescue party traveling to the Fright Zone, but did not report them. When Glimmer broke into She-Ra's cell, she had no way to break the Power Chains that held the Princess of Power. Only Sunder carried the key. Luckilly for the Rebels, Sunder had decided to leave the Horde and join their cause. During his escape, he took a nasty fall and broke his leg. But She-Ra refused to leave him and carried the General to safety.

Back at the Rebel Camp in the Whispering Woods, Sunder's leg was tended by Mally, who told Sunder to take his horrible helmet off. That was the beginning of their romance, which would soon lead them to get married and have a child, Telzy. As a family, they settled down in Bright Moon where Sunder became a farmer.


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