Geolon is a location mentioned in the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Geolon was the planet on which the peaceful Rock People originated. When they found out Geolon's sun was about to eplode and destroy their planet, three explorers, Stonedar, Rokkon and Granita lifted off in meteor form to search of a new place to live.

The three explorers landed on Etheria in the Valley of the Lost and immediately found themselves repulsed by the aggresive nature they witnessed in the fight between the Evil Horde and the Great Rebellion. Even when one of their number, Rokkon, was captured by the Horde and taken to the Fright Zone, the remaining two Rock People refused to fight or hurt the Hordesmen, vowing only to use their strength to defend themselves and free Rokkon. They managed to do so with the help of She-Ra and other members of the Rebellion.

Even though the Rock People found Etheria too violent to settle on, they were running out of time to find a suitable new planet. Thankfully, She-Ra proposed that there was a place on Etheria where the Horde dare not bother them, Spikeheart, the domain of the Trolls. King Ahgo agreed to allow the Rock People into his domain, and soon the entire species travelled from Geolon to Spikeheart in their rock forms.


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