Gleedal is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Gleedal is a humanoid with the head, hands, and feet of a bird. When she first met He-Man, she thought he was one of Plundor's minions and shot the Power Sword out of his hand, but she soon realized that he was new to Trannis and brought him back to her house. She told him about Plundor's ruthless despoilment of the planet and showed him some of the species that had gone extinct, but one of Plundor's rabbit-like robots knocked them out with sleep smoke and brought them back to its master. Plundor showed them the life force of Trannis, which he had distilled into a magical liquid that he planned to sell for an extraordinary profit, but Orko arrived with Ram Man and Cringer and helped them fight off Plundor's robots. He-Man managed to redirect Plundor's rocket into the planet's atmosphere when he tried to launch the magical liquid into space, restoring Trannis to its formerly clean and pure state. Gleedal then forced Plundor to tear down his factory.



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