Graydor is a location in the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Graydor is the seaport town on the planet Krytis. It is a rough, beat up place filled with uninviting folk.

When members of the Great Rebellion travelled to Krytis by Dimensional Gate to rescue Prince Hazar, the exited near Graydor. Looking for a ship that would take them to the mines of Mondor, the Rebels soon found themselves in trouble with the local men. Meanwhile She-Ra bought her self a run down ship for a hundred gold pieces and renamed it Bright Hope.

The Rebels had to make it back to the Dimensional Gate within three days, or they would be stuck on Krytis forever. Although their ship sank in a thunder storm, the Rebels got unexpected help from Krytis Birds and were brought back to the gate nearby Krytis just in time.


When the Rebels arrive at Graydor on the planet Krytis, the beaten up ship that She-Ra will purchase can already be seen in the seaport in the distance. During their voyage, the ship sinks, and they return to the seaport on the backs of giant birds. But when they do, the same ship can once again be seen in the seaport in the background.


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