Grox is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Grox is a loyal subject of Agho, king of Trolls and resides with others of his kind at Spikeheart.

When She-Ra travelled to Spikeheart to learn the location of the Crystal Castle, Grox was one of the first trolls to bar her way. He warned his king not to believe the Princess of Power's plea, for she had attacked them. But Agho was wize enough to counter that She-Ra had refused to do the Trolls any harm.

Some time later, Grox was sent to Whispering Woods to bring a message from his king. Agho wanted to see She-Ra as soon as possible, to warn her about a dream he had. Grox found himself being attacked by members of the Great Rebellion before he could have his say, for the Rebels as well as the Twiggets were extremely untrusting of Trollkind.

To teach her friends a lesson, Adora ordered Bow, Kowl and Sprag to accompany She-Ra to Spikeheart. And after hearing the King's story, it was decided that they would travel to the Shadow Kingdom of Skullpath to make sure the Spider of Crystal was not awakened from it's magical slumber. Agho for his part ordered Grox to lead the way, despite the fact that Grox did not want to spend any more time in the company of the troll-hating members of the Rebellion.

When Duke Dreer used his evil magic to send a flock of Bone Bats against the group of travelers, Grox saved Bow and Sprag from being captured using his lasso, but was captured himself instead. This lead Bow, Kowl and Sprag to travel to Dreer Keep to rescue Grox. These actions made them all form a friendship despite their earlier misgivings.

Eventually the Spider was released thanks to the dark magic of Shadow Weaver and King Agho himself joined the battle. Working together, the Trolls and the Rebels managed to trap the giant spider in stone and return it to it's everlasting slumber.


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