Hawke is a female of the Bird People. Other details vary between versions.

Filmation cartoon

The rather stern Hawke is an Avionian Birdwoman, whose mind is blinded with greed when Skeletor promises her riches. She sabotages Avion's defenses, manages to banish Stratos from Avion, and allows Skeletor to steal the Egg of Avion. Hawke's reward, much to her disliking, is that she is imprisoned in a bird cage by Whiplash. She later atones for her crime by helping reclaim the Egg of Avion. Hawke is subsequently skipped of all rank and placed on punishment detail until she has earned the trust of her fellow Avionians once again.

200x comics and cartoon

After being orphaned along with her brother Stratos in one of many territorial disputes with the insectoid Tycons, Hawke became one of the principal defenders of Avion and a powerful avatar of the Emerald Staff of Avion and its magical gift of flight. Together, she and Stratos located and retrieved the legendary Egg of Avion to restore prosperity to their mountaintop kingdom. Though she harbored doubts about Stratos's alliance with Eternos and the Andreenids, she chose to support his effort to form a lasting peace on Eternia. A cunning warrior and agile flier, Hawke is one of Avion's bravest and most effective defenders even in the face of the terrible evil presented by Skeletor.

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