He-Man is a primary character in all forms of the Masters of the Universe franchise. The character is so integral to the brand that "He-Man" is often used an informal brand name. See Masters of the Universe (disambiguation) for examples.

During 1989-1992 Mattel officially used the brand "He-Man" instead of "Masters of the Universe." This franchise is often informally known as The New Adventures of He-Man to avoid confusion. Products under this brand include:

He-Man may also refer to:

Television series

Similar characters

  • Prince Adam, the alter ego of He-Man
  • Faker, the evil robotic duplicate of He-Man
  • He-Ro, "the most powerful wizard in the universe" and ancestor of He-Man/Adam
  • He-Ro, Son of He-Man, the alter ego of Adam's adopted son in the unproduced He-Ro series.

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