Ram-Man stops He-Man who is on his way to a mission in the Attak Trak. Despite the heroes claims that he just wants to pass peacefully, he thinks He-Man is his enemy and attacks by ramming the Attak Trak. But he doesn't stand a chance against He-Man and is knocked out. Skeletor has seen it all and he wants to take advantage of the situation. He approaches Ram-Man, tells him He-Man is evil and that he needs Ram-Man's help to defeat He-Man who lives in Castle Grayskull. Ram-Man should break the gate open. The Sorceress senses the danger and she calls He-Man who has just saved a village from a huge four-armed monster. When he arrives at Castle Grayskull, Ram-Man still hasn't succeeded in breaching the gates. Now he also understands that Skeletor is in fact the evil one, but he can't stop ramming the castle because he's under Skeletor's magical control. Skeletor and Beast Man manage to knock He-Man unconscious. But for that, Skeletor had to use magic which he needed to control Ram-Man who is now free! He rams Skeletor (no, not what you think ;) who was just about to kill He-Man. Now it's two against two and the evil guys disappear in a cloud. He-Man and Ram-Man are now 'friends'.

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