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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
is an American animated television series (1983-1985). The show, consisting of two 65-episode series, was produced by Filmation, based on the original toyline by Mattel.


Each episode begins with a basic introduction to the premise and lead character:

I am Adam, prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. This is Cringer, my fearless friend. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!" Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! Only three others share this secret: Our friends, the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko. Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor!


Episode List

Heman orko

He-Man and Orko, as they appeared in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Orko was created for the show to appeal to children.

Season One (1983)

  1. The Cosmic Comet
  2. The Shaping Staff
  3. Disappearing Act
  4. Diamond Ray of Disappearance
  5. She-Demon of Phantos
  6. Teela's Quest
  7. The Curse of the Spellstone
  8. The Time Corridor
  9. The Dragon Invasion
  10. A Friend in Need
  11. Masks of Power
  12. Evil-Lyn's Plot
  13. Like Father, Like Daughter
  14. Colossor Awakes
  15. A Beastly Sideshow
  16. Reign of the Monster
  17. Daimar the Demon
  18. Creatures from the Tar Swamp
  19. Quest for He-Man
  20. Dawn of Dragoon
  21. The Royal Cousin
  22. Song of Celice
  23. The Return of Orko's Uncle
  24. Wizard of Stone Mountain
  25. Evilseed
  26. Ordeal in the Darklands
  27. Orko's Favorite Uncle
  28. The Defection
  29. Prince Adam No More
  30. The Taking of Grayskull
  31. A Tale of Two Cities
  32. Search for the VHO
  33. The Starchild
  34. The Dragon's Gift
  35. The Sleepers Awaken
  36. The Search
  37. It's Not My Fault
  38. Valley of Power
  39. Trouble in Arcadia
  40. House of Shokoti Part 1
  41. House of Shokoti Part 2
  42. Double Edged Sword
  43. The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
  44. The Region of Ice
  45. Orko's Missing Magic
  46. Eternal Darkness
  47. Keeper of the Ancient Ruins
  48. Return of Evil
  49. Return of the Gryphon
  50. Temple of the Sun
  51. City Beneath the Sea
  52. Teela's Trial
  53. Dree Elle's Return
  54. Game Plan
  55. Eye of the Beholder
  56. Quest for the Sword
  57. Castle of Heroes
  58. The Once and Future Duke
  59. The Witch and the Warrior
  60. The Return of Granamyr
  61. Pawns of the Game Master
  62. Golden Disks of Knowledge
  63. The Huntsman
  64. The Remedy
  65. The Heart of a Giant

Season Two (1984-1985)

  1. The Cat and the Spider
  2. The Energy Beast
  3. Day of the Machines
  4. The Gamesman
  5. Fisto's Forest
  6. The Rarest Gift of All
  7. The Great Books Mystery
  8. Origin of the Sorceress
  9. Island of Fear
  10. To Save Skeletor
  11. The Ice Age Cometh
  12. Trouble in Trolla
  13. Betrayal of Stratos
  14. Disappearing Dragons
  15. The Shadow of Skeletor
  16. The Arena
  17. Attack from Below
  18. Into the Abyss
  19. Fraidy Cat
  20. The Rainbow Warrior
  21. A Trip to Morainia
  22. Things That Go Bump in the Night
  23. Three on a Dare
  24. Just a Little Lie
  25. One for All
  26. Jacob and the Widgets
  27. The Littlest Giant
  28. Trouble's Middle Name
  29. Journey to Stone City
  30. A Bird in the Hand
  31. Battlecat
  32. The Time Wheel
  33. Search for the Past
  34. Hunt for He-Man
  35. The Greatest Show on Eternia
  36. Not so Blind
  37. Revenge is Never Sweet
  38. The Good Shall Survive
  39. The Secret of Grayskull
  40. No Job Too Small
  41. The Bitter Rose
  42. The Gambler
  43. Teela's Triumph
  44. Orko's New Friend
  45. The Problem with Power
  46. Double Trouble
  47. The Eternia Flower
  48. Happy Birthday Roboto
  49. Battle of the Dragons
  50. Time Doesn't Fly
  51. Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
  52. Beauty and the Beast
  53. Orko's Return
  54. Visitors from Earth
  55. Monster on the Mountain
  56. The Magic Falls
  57. Search for a Son
  58. Mistaken Identity
  59. The Toy Maker
  60. Bargain with Evil
  61. Capture the Comet Keeper
  62. The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
  63. The Games
  64. To Save the Creatures
  65. The Cold Zone

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