Air Cruiser

The Horde Air Cruiser is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power. It should not be confused with another vehicle of the same name, Horde Air Cruiser II.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Air Cruiser is a zeppelin-like vehicle used by the Evil Horde.

When Catra and Grizzlor took prisoner at Horde Harbor, they flew back to the Fright Zone inside an Air Cruiser. The journey took long enough for Sea Hawk to board the Cruiser after landing his Solar Sailor on top of it. This came as a great surprise to the Hordesmen, especially Grizzlor, who thought for a moment they were being attacked by ghosts.

Sea Hawk quickly defeated Grizzlor and freed Adora from her prison. Catra proved less easily defeated in her cat form, but then She-Ra arrived on the scene to even the odds.

A little later, Adora informed Hordak via the communication device in the Cruiser's cockpit that she was sending Catra and Grizzlor back to the Fright Zone, but that Hordak should not wait up for her. Both Catra and Grizzlor were locked up in prison cells, so it would appear that Adora and Sea Hawk set the Cruiser on automatic pilot and then left aboard the Solar Sailor.


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