Horde Auto Reaper

A Horde Auto Reaper is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

An Auto Reaper is an automatic wheat cutting vehicle programmed to make it's way across a field of wheat. The wheat or other substances cut by the Reaper could be collected in a Horde Hay Transport.

One such auto reaper was activated by two Horde Troopers in a field between Devlan and the Whispering Woods. The Troopers then left to get something to eat at an Inn just off the road, leaving the machine to do it's work.

A young girl called Krystala was crossing the field at the same time and failed to notice the machine coming at her until it was too late. Luckilly for her, She-Ra and Swift Wind were flying past and swooped down to save her. She-Ra single handedly as well as bare handedly stopped the Reaper, but when the machine refused to alter it's course, she saw no other option than to pick it up and throw it against some rocks, disabling it.


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