Horde Crawler

The Horde Crawler, also known as the Command Crawler, was a powerful command tank used by Hordak himself. It used Etherium for fuel and was equipped with a giant Freeze-Ray. It also came equipped with a throne for Hordak and an ejector function so he could get rid of any Hordesman that annoyed him.

When Hordak wanted to make an example of the village of Dryl, he commanded a Horde Army in his Horde Crawler to level the city with bombs, troopers, tanks and multiple freeze rays until every last villager had fled. Once the city was empty, Hordak ordered his Horde Troopers to burn it to the ground.

He then focused the combined might of the entire army's freeze rays, including the one mounted on his Crawler, to aim at He-Man, who was defending the villagers as they had fled into the now-empty Etherium Mine. This assault managed to weaken even the most powerful man in the universe, and caused the mine's entrance to be blocked by a cave-in. Satisfied with this result, Hordak returned to the Fright Zone.

This larger Crawler should not be confused with Scorpia's personal tank, which is also called the Crawler.

Entrapta once converted a Horde Crawler with special traps of her own design in order to penetrate Castle Bright Moon's Magical Force Dome. She renamed this Crawler the Trapper Tank. [1]



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