Horde Destroyer

The Horde Destroyer is an Evil Horde vehicle that features in She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


Catra was in charge of a whole fleet of seafaring vessels known as 'Destroyers' that were used to patrol Beast Island. Instead of a representation of Hordak's face, or even the Evil Horde emblem, each one of these ships was adorned with a large red mask shaped like the one worn by Catra.

She-Ra destroyed the entire fleet of Destroyers. First, the Princess of Power swam out to see and lifted up Catra's personal Destroyer. After shaking it about so that Catra and her fellow Hordesmen Leech and Rattlor were catapulted out of it, she threw the Destroyer at the others, managing to hit each one of them as if the vehicle was a skipping stone.


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