Horde Destructor

The Horde Destructor is an Evil Horde vehicle that features in She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


Destructors are vehicles equipped with large electrical saws protruding from the front. One or more Horde Troopers usually drives the vehicle, sitting in a domed cockpit.

Hordesmen Mantenna and Leech attempted to divide the kingdom of Mystacor in half by separating it from Greenvale by way of a road. They set out to accomplish this by cutting down many trees and making a path of their own.

Luckily, Castaspella and various members of the Great Rebellion put a stop to this with the help of their new ally, Sorrowful the dragon.

Empowered by the so called "Flower of Power", Sorrowful found the courage to stand up to the Horde and used his breath of fire to destroy a Destructor by burning it into slag.


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