Horde Primes Takes a Holiday is the 18th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.


Horde Prime leaves his warship, the Velvet Glove in Hordak's care while he goes on holiday. Despite Horde Prime warning him not to use it, Hordak plans to use the ship to first conquer Etheria, then Eternia. The Sorceress and Prince Adam learn of his plot, and the Sorceress tells Adam he must become He-Man and go to Etheria to help She-Ra. However, Skeletor also gets wind of Hordak's plan, and plots to steal the ship for himself.

Even with their combined strength, the twins struggle with the Velvet Gloves freeze ray which suddenly deactivates. Skeletor has boarded the Velvet Glove, and he and Hordak begin fighting over the ship. He-Man and She-Ra must act fast before one of them wins and gains control of the most powerful warship in the galaxy.


The moral of this episode deals with the issue of child molestation. Also, the moral is done by He-Man, She-Ra and Orko instead of Loo-Kee.

He-Man: "She-Ra and I want to talk to you about something that's very personal; your body".

She-Ra: "Remember, it's your body and no one should touch you in a way that you feel is wrong".

Orko: (punching the air) "I'll get anybody who tries it!"

She-Ra: "It's not that easy Orko. It's hard for a young person to admit that he or she has been touched in a bad way".

He-Man: "If you've been touched that way, don't be ashamed. Tell someone you trust, like your parents, your doctor, your teacher, or counsellor, or your minister or rabbi".

She-Ra: "Right, Orko?"

Orko: "Right on!"

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